The College of Continuing Education and Professional Development Faculty Development Community of Practice (CoP) is preparing CoCEPD Faculty using state-of-the-art technology and pedagogically grounded instructional strategies.


CoCEPD Faculty Community of Practice

All CoCEPD faculty are part-time faculty contributors and hired specifically for teaching non-credit and credit bearing courses.  Our faculty are located across the United States and are experts in teaching online.  The Faculty CoP is not only used as an on-boarding tool faculty development, but also as an ongoing, continuous learning and feedback vehicle that functions more like a partnership.  Click the Learn More Button below to access the Blackboard Organization for Contributing Faculty.


CoCEPD Faculty Development Workshops

In addition to the CoCEPD Faculty CoP, Faculty are encouraged to participate in Faculty Development workshops on Integrated Learning, Design Thinking, Instructional Technology, and Open Educational Resources (OER) using Moodle and WebEx.  Click the Learn More Button below to access the Moodle Learning Environment.


Example of Integrated Learning Content

The Faculty Development Workshops are jammed packed with information and resources to support our faculty in integrating their courses.